October's Exercise of the Month

Step Up with Knee Raise 
This challenging lower body exercise is October's Exercise of the Month.

1. Start by stepping onto the bench or box with your left foot.
       Add a bar on your shoulders for extra resistance!


 2. Bring your right foot up and lift the right leg to a 90-degree angle.

3. Lower your right foot down to the floor, followed by the left.
4. Repeat starting again with the left foot, or alternate and start with the right!

Leigh’s Expert Trainer Tip:
Add step-ups to your leg routine!  It’s a great way to work on strength as well as endurance.  If the bar is too hard to balance, substitute it for dumbbells. 

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Exercise of the Month

September's Exercise of the Month is the BURPEE
The burpee is an excellent body weight exercise because it has both strength and aerobic properties.
To perform a burpee:
1. Raise your hands up as you jump up
2. Drop down into a squat, then place your hands on the ground
3. Hop or walk both legs back to a plank position and hold for a beat
4. Hop or walk both legs in to a squat
5. Power back up to a jump with hands over head

To make the burpee an even greater strength move,
add a push up after you hop to a plank.

Try this move at the beginning of a workout as a warm up
OR as a 4 minute Tabata (20 seconds on 10 seconds rest X8).

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Exercise of the Month of August

Exercise of the Month - Kettlebell Clean

Once you have the proper form for the KB Swing down, the next step is a KB Clean.
The Clean is another foundational movement which is explosive in nature like the swing. It also prepares you for other KB movements like the Offset Squat or the Shoulder Press and Push Press.
(Scroll down to the Exercise of the Month in Feb 2013 if you would like to revisit the KB Swing)

    1. Place a medium/heavy KB on the ground between and slightly in front of your feet with the handle angled back

    2. Grab the bell with your right hand with your thumb pointing back and to the left 


    3. Drag the bell back between your legs to initiate a swing movement.


    4. Thrust the hips up as you would with a swing, but as your fist gets to about hip height, bend your elbow bringing the bell close to your body
    You should feel like you are skimming your thumb straight up your rib cage


    5. As you get to the top of your chest, rotate the elbow down as you pull the kettlebell up, halting  it on the outside of your shoulder.

    The key to this move is to use the hips and legs to help drive the weight up, rotating the shoulder so that the weight rests at shoulder level. Take care with this move and try not to let the weight flop against your wrist.

    Mary Ann's Expert Trainer Tip:  When done well, the bell won't bang on your arm causing bruising or pain on your upper arm or the base of your forearm. Sometimes squeezing the bell tightly just as it reaches the shoulder will stop any excessive movement.
    Start with a lighter weight to get your form down.