Second Annual Duke COMBINE 11/8

Congratualtions to all the competitors in this year's Duke COMBINE!


Winners were chosen from six categories:
Male Undergraduate – John Lindley
Female Undergraduate – Leah Ling
Male Graduate  – Sidney McLaurin
Female Graduate – Allie McClure
Male Employee (spouse) – Kevin McLeod
Female Employee – Lisa Wright

Come to the 2nd Annual Duke COMBINE Saturday, Nov 8th

The Duke COMBINE is tomorrow, 11/8 at 10 AM in Wilson Rec. 
Come on out and participate in or at least watch Dukies tackle five of the tests future NFL draftees take on each spring.

Best Wishes to all of our participants!!!

Exercise of the Month of November

Cross-back Lunge
This glute focused lunge is November's Exercise of the Month.

1. Stand with your feet close together and the medicine ball in front of you.


2. Step one foot behind the standing leg. Drive your body down toward the floor bending both knees.

3. Step back up raising the back bent leg and repeat on the other side.

This is a great exercise to isolate the glutes and work on your balance. You can perform this exercise for a set number if repetitions or in a set amount of time. Remember to do one side at a time.

Kerri's Expert Trainer Tip: make sure your front bent knee does not track out beyond your front toe.


Prep for the DUKE COMBINE - Training Tips

Cone Drill: This short shuttle test is known as the 5-10-5 drill. You will start in the three-point stance, explode out 5 yards to your right, touch the cone, go back 10 yards to your left, left hand touches the cone, pivot, and run 5 more yards to finish. If you prefer, you can do this test in the reverse direction, starting left. You will be offered up to three attempts at your best time.
Check out this video for Jeremiah's 5-10-5 drill training tips! 

Vertical Leap:  You will be tested based on your highest leap from standing (there is no running start). You will have only three attempts at the vertical leap.
Check out this video for Jeremiah's vertical training tips! 

40 Yard Dash: You will be offered two attempts at your best time.
Check out this video for Jeremiah's sprint training tips! 

Standing Broad Jump: From a standing position you will jump out as far as possible. If your tail or hand falls behind you, you will be marked at the spot where it touches the ground. You will be given three opportunities to do the broad jump.
Check out this video for Jeremiah's broad jump training tips! 

Bench Press: We will determine your one rep maximum based on your ability to perform 1-10 reps at one of three weights. For men those weights are 135#, 225# or 275#. For the women the weights are 65#, 95# and 135#.
If you can do more than 10 reps, you MUST go to the higher weight and perform the test again.
Check out this video for Jeremiah's bench press training tips!