Prep for the DUKE COMBINE - Training Tips

Cone Drill: This short shuttle test is known as the 5-10-5 drill.  You will start in the three-point stance, explode out 5 yards to your right, touch the cone, go back 10 yards to your left, left hand touches the cone, pivot, and run 5 more yards to finish. If you prefer, you can do this test in the reverse direction, starting left. You will be offered up to three attempts at your best time. 

Check out this video for Jeremiah's 5-10-5 drill training tips! 

Vertical Leap:  You will be tested based on your highest leap from standing (there is no running start). You will have only three attempts at the vertical leap.
Check out this video for Jeremiah's vertical training tips! 

October's Exercise of the Month

Step Up with Knee Raise 
This challenging lower body exercise is October's Exercise of the Month.

1. Start by stepping onto the bench or box with your left foot.
       Add a bar on your shoulders for extra resistance!


 2. Bring your right foot up and lift the right leg to a 90-degree angle.

3. Lower your right foot down to the floor, followed by the left.
4. Repeat starting again with the left foot, or alternate and start with the right!

Leigh’s Expert Trainer Tip:
Add step-ups to your leg routine!  It’s a great way to work on strength as well as endurance.  If the bar is too hard to balance, substitute it for dumbbells. 

Register Today for the Duke COMBINE

Second Annual Duke COMBINE

See how you stack up against friends, classmates and co-workers in this NFL Combine-Style competition in Wilson Recreation Center on Saturday, November  8th at 10 AM.
For only $10, you will be taken through some of the tests future NFL draftees must take on including: bench press, 40 yard dash, vertical leap, broad jump and agility drills.
All participants will receive a t-shirt. Male and female category winners will earn football related prizes (and bragging rights).

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Exercise of the Month

September's Exercise of the Month is the BURPEE
The burpee is an excellent body weight exercise because it has both strength and aerobic properties.
To perform a burpee:
1. Raise your hands up as you jump up
2. Drop down into a squat, then place your hands on the ground
3. Hop or walk both legs back to a plank position and hold for a beat
4. Hop or walk both legs in to a squat
5. Power back up to a jump with hands over head

To make the burpee an even greater strength move,
add a push up after you hop to a plank.

Try this move at the beginning of a workout as a warm up
OR as a 4 minute Tabata (20 seconds on 10 seconds rest X8).

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